Work Experience Internship – Lewis’s Story

First, I think I’d better introduce myself. My name is Lewis. I’m 18 years old, and I’m currently coming towards the end of my second year at Sixth Form, studying Media, English Language and Graphic Design.

Lewis's graphic portrayal of himself

Lewis’s graphic portrayal of himself

Like most 18 year olds these days I spend a lot of my spare time online. Unlike most 18 year olds, I also spend a lot of time modelling with a particularly famous building brick. For the past two weeks however, I’ve been on a work experience internship with KPI, a neat business who specialise in various internet marketing solutions.

Infographics for Marketing

What I’ve been doing at KPI ties in with what I would like to do after college – graphic design. The two major projects during my time here were to create two infographics for separate companies.

An infographic is basically a visual representation of information. Nowadays web users want information as quickly as possible, which is why infograhics are becoming more and more popular in marketing.

Through creative design, you can give people compelling content in just one glance, enticing them to share via social media and link via their website. This in turn has a massive impact on your SEO, increasing traffic to your website.

KPI team

The delivery team at KPI from left to right: Lewis Hammond, Russell Welch, Hannah Keane, Sophie Wall, Jonathan Ferris, and Tom Bryant

How I Created the Infographics

Firstly myself and my fellow colleagues created and distributed a survey to the relevant target audience. Once we had gathered the responses I then collated the data, ensuring the graphic focused on more illustration than writing.
For the second infographic, we used data which had already been compiled by a relevant charity. With their permission we were able to create the graphic through their interesting facts and statistics. It was then up to me to illustrate that data attractively.

In making the infographics, it was important for myself and the rest of the team to ensure the data and information was easy to digest – a must for a visually appealing graphic.
One client has already published my infographic on their website and there is a strong possibility the second client will do the same. A pretty exciting prospect.

Social Media Graphics

Alongside the infographic creation, I was also tasked with creating cover graphics for companies to use on their Twitter and Google+ profiles. This required me to gain a strong understanding of the client’s industry – producing a design that would appeal to their target market and increase brand awareness.

This was a nice little deviation from the infographics, and I’m pleased to say that one of the cover designs I produced has been used by the company on their official Google+ profile, which is pretty humbling.

All in all, I’ve found my time here at KPI to be very beneficial. Not only has it helped me ensure that graphic design is something I’d like to do, but it’s given me a taste of what is required when working in this industry.

The working environment was also calm and relaxed, and dressing smartly for a change has been nice too! I’d really like to thank the team at KPI for allowing me to be a part of their team for these two weeks, and I hope what I’ve done helps.


Lewis Hammond – Graphic Artist –

About Hannah Keane

Hannah is a member of the copywriting and SEO team at KPI. She enjoys ice skating and has a little dog called Hallie. Google+
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