Using social media to boost your business

Marketing has got clever. Content and key words are no longer enough in terms of building site authority. An increase in social media advertising means that people, and search engines, now look for brand personality.

Facebook has replaced Google as a few people’s first port of call to find out about a business. But even though it isn’t the search of choice for the majority, social metrics are becoming increasingly important in raising your site’s authenticity and its  ranking number.Facebook SEO

Backlinks are a key factor to most search engine’s algorithms, and being successful within the realms of social media can only raise the number of external links to your site. But readers want more than just a profile with the “About Us” from the website pasted in; this won’t be shared. Participation is what will keep you in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. They want regular updates, wall conversations, tweets and Twitpics. Keeping it interesting keeps people following and keeps you in their minds.

Don’t forget to make it audience-appropriate though. Don’t automatically head straight to Facebook; think about what websites your customers will use. Reaching your market on a smaller, more appropriate niche or local social website or forum may be better than aiming for a very tiny percent of Facebook users. Once you’re set up, share appropriate and interesting facts and links, and help people with their queries if they concern your business area. Share your knowledge and show the world that you are an expert.

WordPress logoInteraction is the best way to grow your network. Create a community with your friends or followers, add them to circles and comment on their blog posts to get more views of your own WordPress blog. Update statuses with interesting news and a peek-behind-the-scenes at your company to make customers feel in-the-loop and respected. Another great factor about social media is that you can get feedback immediately. Find out what people think of your new products before release by posting a quick Twitpic or proudly show off your happy customers when they comment on your wall to say thanks.  A LinkedIn profile can help you to connect with potential partners or employees. Nudging people towards your website through your posts will put your site content to work by increasing traffic; just don’t be too aggressive with repetitive link spamming.

It takes tactics, dedication and constant love and attention but being an active social media user will pay you back in your Google ranks as more of your content is shared and your name will become more credible. Get in contact and we can show you how to make  your actions deliberate and representative of your business.  With a little guidance, you too can become an authority online.

About Kadie Dobson

Kadie is a member of the web marketing team at KPI. She is a Journalism graduate of John Moores University. Email: Google+
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