Twitter Introduce New Brand Pages to UK Marketers in 2012


Twitter has re-designed its services, allowing companies to have a greater presence on the mini-blogging website. Twitter has begun to follow in the footsteps of similar websites, such as Facebook and Google Plus, in allowing companies to have their own branded feed on the network, constantly updating content and engaging with potential customers. This new change in the system comes as Twitter creators realise the site needs commercial success in order to retain its current high profile as a social platform.

The re-design will allow companies to incorporate more customisation to their Twitter pages and even add videos and photos into their Twitter headers. The new tool will aid Twitter’s development as a visible marketing platform, as well as being an individual social networking base. As an updated feature of the site’s already successful ‘hash tag’ system, the new service will be able to highlight content from all commercial Twitter pages, based on an individual’s interests and location. This will allow marketers to grab the attention of their potential customers and engage with them through photos, videos, sounds and other exciting content.

Marketers can control the message visitors see when they first come to the company page, through promoting a particular tweet at the top of the page timeline. This will highlight the content businesses want their customers to see first, e.g. a particular offer or service the company is currently offering. This content can also be changed at any time and can be produced through either old or recent tweets. The branding pages will also be enforced on the Twitter app: – another positive aspect for companies as it’s predicted there will be a major increase in the rise of online sales via smart phones.

The new brand pages are already being used by top US companies such as, Coca-Cola, Dell, McDonalds, Nike and Disney, proving the instant popularity of this new service with big brands. By the beginning of next year branding pages will be available to all UK marketers; make sure you’re ahead of the game and organise your new Twitter page design. This new Twitter feature is a great way to give your company a positive start to 2012 through drawing in customers before your competitors do!

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