Twitter : Answers for Business Part 1

Twitter for businessLove it or hate it, Twitter is becoming an increasingly powerful way of connecting with your target market.

Following last nights closure of the M1 due to the spillage of a lorry load of Marmite, the taste dividing spread was the top trending term this morning. Which means everyone was talking about it.  Whilst the incident sparked a flurry of puns concerning the yeastbound carriageway and a nice alternative to jam, it illustrates the fast-moving nature of discussion – something businesses should be considering tapping into.  

Talking to businesses about internet marketing and social media has allowed us to identify certain questions that many people considering using Twitter are confronting.

1 Is using Twitter free?

A frequently trumpeted plus point of Twitter is its use as a ‘free’ marketing tool for business. It is true that Twitter is free to access, an account is free to set up and you don’t pay to tweet. But if time is money then using Twitter to successfully promote your brand or business services is not really free.

How long does it take to type out 140 characters and hit the Tweet button? Not long. But what do you want to say? Any strategy for Twitter needs to fit within your marketing goals and objectives. This includes the content of the tweet, the content of any links, the tone used and who the business is following.  It may or may not be beneficial to run a Twitter feed through your company website .

Businesses that want to use Twitter to successfully market themselves will need to consider these and other variables in relation to their wider marketing strategy. Developing, managing and monitoring an effective marketing strategy for Twitter and other social media tools is something that can come with a significant time cost, particularly when carried out by inexperienced users. Whether more value can be delivered by using Twitter in-house or the use of external experts is something for each business and their marketing budget to consider.

2 Can Twitter for be used for B2B marketing?

It is a common misconception that Twitter is only useful for marketing to those who are directly consuming your product/service.  The good news is Twitter also has the potential to be a useful tool for businesses or freelancers seeking to engage with other businesses. B2B relationships on Twitter often require a commitment to engagement as the platform allows businesses to demonstrate their industry knowledge over a period of time. This is achieved through the content of tweets and links, who they are following and the information they share through retweets.

 3 What can Twitter tell us about our brand?

Depending on the nature of your business, your brand may be something that people are tweeting about. This could be to say they are enjoying your product or service or to say that they’ve had a bad experience. In either case it is valuable marketing information and provides the opportunity to address any complaints quickly, honestly and openly. Whoever is responsible for your Twitter marketing can also monitor certain hashtags, providing reports of any discussion related to your brand or your competitors.

Thinking of using Twitter to promote your business? Contact KPI to see if we can assist you.

 Twitter : Answers for business – part 2(including tips on Twitter networking and coordination across other online platforms) will follow shortly. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss it.   

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