Top 10 tips for selecting an SEO Agency

Top 10 tips for selecting an SEO Agency

TopSEOs Evaluation Criteria for Search Engine Optimization

TopSEOs is a commercial service that rates SEO Agencies that pay for a review; they evaluate and rank internet marketing businesses. Their evaluation process includes in-depth analysis of the SEO Agency, review of work completed, and evaluation of client feedback. The TopSEOs evaluation process contains some interesting tips that will assist any business selecting an SEO Agency; whether the SEO Agency under consideration has paid for a TopSEOs review or not.

1) Look at the SEO Agency’s business practices. Are they transparent? Do they adhere to any ethical standard?

2) Speak directly to existing clients of the SEO Agency under consideration and ask about their overall experience as well as the processes, reporting, and success of the SEO campaign from the client’s point of view.

3) How good is the SEO Agency at Needs analysis? Can the SEO Agency identify the unique needs of their clients? What processes do they use to gain an understanding of the client’s business? How do they then use that information to identify the SEO needs of the client?

4) How toes the SEO Agency approach Keyword analysis? What methods do they use to create a list of keyword opportunities and how do they choose keywords? Does the SEO Agency take account of the level of competition? Do they take care to select keywords that the client can rank for taking account of the SEO budget available and the timeframe during which results are required?

5) What standard is the on-page optimization work completed by the SEO Agency? Do they have a clear understanding of how search engines rank sites? What factors do they consider when writing title tags and other meta tags? Do they take account of keyword density in their on-page optimization strategy?

6) How strong is the SEO Agency’s knowledge of off-page optimization? Review the agency’s off-site work including link building, promotional campaigns, and press release distribution.

7) What are the reporting methods? As a client do the SEO reports provide the clear and concise content that is essential? Does the SEO Agency simply produce reports or do they also recommend adjustments to the SEO strategy and tactics based on the information contained in the reports?

8) Before work commenced was there a needs analysis? How was it conducted?
Was ROI discussed? How did outcome match up to the expectation and including the time frame? What 3 things worked well? What 3 things need to be improved?
Score the overall experience out of ten.

9) Out of the keywords you have ranked for on the major search engines what are the most competitive ones and how long did those rankings take to achieve?

10) Has the SEO agency discussed Google’s Universal Search model? How has this influenced their SEO Tactics?

OK, so it’s supposed to be ten questions, if you’re upset we over-ran please skip to the bottom, if not keep reading.

11) Do you find the SEO Reports provided useful? have they been explained to you? What do they measure?

12) Does the SEO Agency regularly inform you what the next set of steps will be to achieve higher rankings? Do they advise you when the next set of goals should be achieved by?

13) Of the top keywords for your industry how many do you rank in the top 10 for? Which ones?

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