Top Social Media Marketing Tactics for Businesses


Unless you have personal social media accounts, attempting to use these platforms for your business can be a very daunting prospect. Even social gurus struggle to adapt when it comes to using social media to promote their company. However, when looked into closely, social media isn’t too dissimilar from SEO marketing. Both tactics involve engaging audiences through producing content which compels, resulting in the post being ‘liked’ or ‘shared’, or encouraging users to follow your page. When SEO and social media marketing are used effectively, the outcome is increased traffic to your site and increased brand awareness.


Social Media Marketing Strategies

Before setting up social accounts for your business, it’s important to have a clear strategy in mind. It’s no good investing time and money into campaigns unless you have a set goal to work towards. Understand your target market and discover what motivates them. Your strategy should then be reviewed on a regular basis and amended accordingly.

Record metrics efficiently to discover how/if you are improving. It’s all too easy to just have one person within your company in charge of social media, but to really succeed in this form of marketing it’s best to get everyone involved in some way or another. Have everyone take a look at your account around once a week and encourage them to regularly offer feedback.


Engage and Connect

Connecting with your target market doesn’t mean spamming their profiles with comments to promote your services, but engaging with users on a personal level. Give your brand a voice; after all, this is social media we’re talking about. If users or customers complain, instead of deleting these comments, respond to them. Inform followers that you welcome feedback and are working to fix whatever problems may arise.

According to Search Engine Land, succeeding in social media is all about “getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time”. Knowing how and when your target market use social media is crucial.


Try Telling not Selling

A common mistake many businesses make with social media campaigns is that they are far too promotional. Of course, the overall goal is to increase awareness of your services and traffic to your site, but coming across too ‘me, me, me’ will result in you losing followers.

Keep promotional posts to a minimum (1 – 3 per week) and try to subtly tie your products or services in with whatever is trending at the time. For instance, if you’re selling cookware, suggest unique, healthy, tasty, or easy to follow recipe ideas. Alternatively, if you’re a B2B company, offer advice and tips, and tell stories through white papers and webinars.


The Power of Competitions

Using third party tools, you can now use social media platforms to create competitions. This is an easy way for brands to increase followings by encouraging users to like the page and be entered into a prize draw. To really engage with audiences as well as boost your following, it’s advisable to create a photo contest. This encourages people to share your page by getting their friends and followers to vote for their photo. The entry which receives the most votes then wins the prize.

Use the competition to showcase your products or services by offering a relevant prize. Make the process quick and easy for users and create an eye-catching graphic, which can be promoted on your site and other social platforms.

Facebook is the most widely used platform for contests. However, brands like Doritos have also increased followings on Twitter through creating “re-tweet to win” competitions.


For more information on how to create successful social media marketing campaigns, get in touch with our expert, friendly team today. We can provide training and advice to help you reach your target market with ease. We can also manage campaigns for you, giving you time to focus on other areas of your business.


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