Top PPC Tips From This Year’s SMX London Conference


Last week Chelsea Football Club was full of SEO and PPC experts for SMX London, the world leading search engine marketing conference.

The most accomplished search engine marketers in the world, including Search Engine Land editor Chris Sherman and search marketing expert Danny Sullivan, presented the latest, cutting edge tips for driving traffic and increasing conversions. The agenda featured handy tips and techniques for creating successful paid search ads, local SEO tactics, mobile trends, social media tools and many other areas around search marketing.

This year’s opening keynote speech was performed by Amit Singhal, head of Google’s core ranking team. Amit is a key influencer of Google ‘Search Plus Your World’, the search experience focused around people. He was also recently elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the best SMX PPC techniques: -

How to Create Great Paid Search Ads

  • Ensure you’re not driving irrelevant traffic to your site: Create ads with language which immediately turns away the wrong audience.
  • Always include a call to action: Tell your target audience what they should do next.
  • Include prices, promotions and exclusives in your ad text:  Particular phrases such as ‘free delivery’ and ‘official site’ have been known to increase CTR (click through rate) for many marketers.
  •  How does your ad stand out?:  It is a well known fact that the eye is drawn to differences; conduct regular competitor research and create a style which differentiates your ads from the crowd.
  • Include keywords in ads: You should include at least one keyword in each ad in order to show the searcher that your ad is relevant.


How to Create Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

  • Landing pages shouldn’t look like adverts: Try to avoid using language such as ‘buy this now’. Remember that searchers are generally looking for an answer to their question.
  • Present different language depending on the product: Low cost products can feature simple and straight to the point messages. Higher end, more expensive products need more descriptive information in order to convert. 
  • Don’t send PPC traffic to the homepage: Landing pages are designed for a purpose which matches the buying cycle stage. 
  • Not all about keywords: As well as incorporating the relevant keywords, you should also be thinking about people and their needs.

  Don’t Forget About Google Analytics

  • Use Google Analytic Dashboards: Here you can view and compare with data in your WordPress dashboard. Ensure, when researching shorter time periods, that you compare Monday – Monday, so the days of the week align. 
  • What are your successful keywords?: With Google Analytics you can work out which keywords are performing best for you. 
  • Use custom variables: These have been defined as the most important feature of Google Analytics. Here you can distinguish page-level activities on current visits. 

For more on advice on PPC marketing techniques, contact KPI Business Services. As a Google AdWords certified partner, you can rely on us to successfully manage your advertising campaigns.

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