How do we spend $100 Million per day on Google Adwords?

$100 Million spent every day on Google Adwords

Google Adwords $100 MillionImagine being Google: every day they sell over $100 million of search advertising, this is split between 5.6 billion daily ad impressions on Search and 24.2 billion on the Display Network, when Google Ads are displayed on third party web sites.

In terms of Google Ad clicks daily, it’s around 237.9 million Google ad clicks across search and display.

The market may have reacted negatively to Google’s Q3 results but it’s still their largest quarterly revenue ever at $14.10 billion  and most of it comes from Search Advertising.

Conversion rates are slightly higher on Search at 5.63%, compared to 4.68% on Display. Average cost per click is reported at $0.35, this is down 18.2% from the previous quarter and is most likely caused by the switch to mobile.

The highest spending sectors are no surprise: Finance is the biggest and also has  the highest average Cost per Click (CPC) at $3.09 and 1.39M transactions per day.

The Travel sector is second despite  earning the lowest average conversion rate at just 1.45%.

Shopping is third but has the best click-through-rate at  5.23%. Average CPCs for shopping are low at just $0.25 for Search and $0.27 for Display.

A Round Up of Useful Google Search Statistics

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