Site Speed Report: the new feature in Google Analytics

The new feature that has emerged on the Google Analytics interface - Site Speed Report – enables website owners to both track and analyse individual page load time.

Google Analytics Site Speed

It is a well-known fact that search engines favour user-friendly websites: namely useful and fast. If a business wants its website to maintain or boost its search performance, it is essential that the speed of each individual web page is closely monitored.

For instance potential customers may have been browsing a website, reach a slow loading page, lose patience and decide to leave. The business has lost this prospective sale due to the slow loading speed of one page only.

Consequently the Site Speed Report feature in Google Analytics can help businesses fix problems like this one by giving answers to queries such as these:

- Which pages in particular are slow loading?

- Is there a page that is slower than others amongst the top ten highest converting landing pages?

- What is the trend between the slowest/fastest loading pages and high/low bounce rates?

- Are there any browsers/devices that are experiencing page load problems?

- Does the page load time vary between region/country?

Individual Page Load Time

Therefore with this new feature businesses can pinpoint exactly where and what the problems are on their website, and so fix them more quickly and more efficiently. It is important that each problem (if only small) is addressed, because although one minor error will not affect a website’s entire search performance, a collection of minor errors most certainly will.

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