Search Marketing Facts and Tips on Father’s Day

Father's Day Search Marketing

Last weekend was of course Father’s Day, a celebration where we thank and treat our doting Dads. Despite spending figures coming in higher for Mother’s Day, as revealed in Experian’s ‘Top Ten Facts for Father’s Day’, around 800,000 hours were spent on shopping for Father’s Day gifts in the UK. Here we take a look at how businesses can make the most of the celebrations we all know and love.


Email Marketing

Unlike other holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day where activity takes place many weeks in advance, most consumers purchase last minute gifts for Father’s Day. Some people even forget Father’s Day all together, so it’s advisable to create an email marketing campaign to remind customers and promote products and services around a week before the event. However, those organised shoppers who started looking for that perfect gift in early June spent 20% more than those searching for a late deal.

Targeted emails with a Father’s Day focus are much more likely to be opened in comparison to generic emails. Think carefully about your subject line – Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for so consider suggesting “gift ideas”.



Use AdWords to create a dedicated Father’s Day campaign. Conduct research around search trends and bid on all match types, but ensure your highest bids are for exact match phrases to increase your chances of receiving good CTRs (Click Through Rates).

Ad copy should be compelling and engaging, highlighting any offers like free delivery or discounts. Getting clicks in such a competitive market is of course tricky. Choose words carefully to ensure you’re attracting the right audience. Before creating the campaign, take a look at what your competitors are doing and discover what your unique selling point is.

PPC marketing is all about experimenting, so check the campaign on a daily basis and make changes as and when necessary. You should also ensure your landing pages are optimised with an attractive design and creative copy.

Search Marketing Online Sale Tips


Product guides and blog posts are a great way of getting fresh content onto your site, one of the key requirements in Google’s Panda guidelines. Create a gift guide and upload product pages based on people’s interests. Time is precious as online shoppers spent two minutes less time per visit than last Father’s Day, so make the process smooth, simple and super quick.

Whatever content you choose to create, ensure your campaign is unique with a clear message outlining why customers should buy their gift from you. Conduct thorough competitor research so you know what you’re up against and always include a powerful call to action.


Social Media

With the power of social media, companies are using seasonal trends to connect a wide number of products and services to the holiday. Using hashtags on Twitter such as “DadKnowsBest”, coffee maker designers Keurig released a competition where they asked followers to send them the best piece of advice they had ever received from their Dad. The winner was selected at random and given one of their popular brewers. This rapidly increased their following and the brand now has over 40,000 followers.

Competitions have proven to be the most successful way of growing likes and followings in social media. For example, in 2011 cosmetics company Clairol created a Facebook competition to promote their new hair dyes. Offering free samples to the first 100,000 people who liked the page, they increased their likes from 27,000 – 262,000 in just four days.


Our expert team can help you create effective email marketing, social media, SEO and PPC campaigns. We’ve helped hundreds of companies of all sizes stay ahead of their competitors. In an ever changing industry, it makes sense to have an expert on hand to ensure you achieve success. Contact one of our friendly advisors today for a complementary review of your website.  



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