How Pinterest Analytics Will Benefit SEO

Social networking is not necessarily all social and no networking, as an old university lecturer of mine once said. It’s impossible to ignore the impact it’s had on businesses and marketing. While Pinterest may not be the most obvious choice for SEO strategies, it’s quickly spreading to favour more commercial enterprises.

Pinterest LogoThough mostly used as an image sharing site, Pinterest is fast becoming one of the largest social networking sites on the internet, since its beta release in 2010. By giving users the opportunity to ‘pin’ funny, interesting, inspiring or perhaps more abstract images onto virtual ‘notice boards’, it creates a whole other avenue for people to express themselves.

Pinterest also launched their business accounts in 2012, so not surprisingly businesses have been utilising the social network site for pinning product images onto boards and sharing other people’s content as well to help grow their brands and popularity (though be wary of sharing competitor’s images – that’s business suicide!)

Make that data easier to track

Now with Pinterest Analytics being announced, business owners can not only generate more interest in their site and products through images, but they can also look at data on their Pinterest account that reveals information about what users are clicking on. This way you can see how many people are viewing your content, how many visits to your website are coming directly from your Pinterest profile and which images are being ‘re-pinned’ the most. So a company that sells jewellery or any other visual product can get a clear idea of which items are generating the most interest. Using this information, they can tweak their own website to optimise traffic by placing popular images higher on the site, or writing a blog post based on products people are more interested in.

kpi-pinterestThis is great news for SEO and internet marketing strategies. It gives an easy-to-read break down of what’s popular on your website and what decisions need to be made in the future to take the guesswork out of business strategies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just seen an amusing picture of a duck I want to share.

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