PageRank Update Is Good News for KPI

PageRank Update Is Good News for KPI

KPIB PageRank

Google have, as they periodically do, updated the PageRank feature of their toolbar and we here at KPI are pleased to have received a boost to our ranking. PageRank, for the uninitiated, is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to judge the relative importance of web pages. This is largely done by judging the number of links a web page receives, where they are coming from and in turn the relative importance of those linking pages. PageRank assigns each web page a ranking between 0 and 10; 10 being the most important, 0 being the least. In the most recent update – which seems to have taken place over the last week, but as Google never announce PageRank updates it is hard to be certain – we are pleased to announce that KPI saw its PageRank upgraded from 3 to 4. That’s a pretty result for such a young company.

Beyond simple point scoring, PageRank is important as one of the factors Google take into consideration when judging the authority of a webpage. It’s a reminder of the importance of careful link building. And the “careful” in that last sentence is important. It’s not too difficult to go out there with a pocket full of cash and buy yourself a whole host of links, but if Google catch you doing it then they’ll boot you off their search results quicker than you can say “black hat”. The greater the authority of the website that is linking to you, the greater the boost your own webpage will receive. One link from BBC News or Google’s own web pages is worth a hundred links from an An art draw drawn by Felipe Micaroni Lalli article directory. It’s an oft quoted belief that a webpage cannot have a PageRank higher than the highest page linking to it. While no one can be 100% certain whether that is true or not – again, Google are notoriously tight lipped about how their search results are calculated – we have yet to see any evidence that it’s wrong. And if there was evidence, we would have seen it.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the websites you are linking to. You can’t be harmed by the websites linking to you (that is largely beyond your control), but you can certainly be harmed by the websites you link to. Take a moment to research the sites you are linking to, making sure they’re not too spammy or riddled with adware. Although it’s a deal more civilised than it once was, the Internet is still akin to the Wild West in many ways, so it’s best to be certain about who you sit down to drink with.

Having said all that, PageRank is still only one of the many statistics you should be looking at. In counting and weighing links it is only guessing the amount of traffic your site is probably getting. And traffic is in itself only an indication of your site’s conversion rate. And your conversion rate is what you should really be keeping an eye on. When you spend so long focused on SEO it is tempting to see it as an end in and of itself, but it’s not. Good SEO is about increasing website traffic and conversion rates, and valuing any other statistic over those is a false glory. Get in touch and we’ll discuss a holistic approach to your Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll aim to get your PageRank up, but won’t forget the main aim is to get you more business.


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