“Olsen, draft a press release. The world needs to know…”

A digital press release isn’t just there to attract the eye of a harried newsdesk intern; it can boost your online reputation and drag people into your website. It’s what those sadly afflicted by buzzword retention call “link bait”. To you and me, that’s “stuff people want to read” In particular, it refers to features and content on your website which will attract visitors. Special offers, news stories, pictures of kittens, all that stuff. Press release should play an integral part in any SEO campaign. Not only are they a fantastic form of “link bait” (shudder), they also diversify the links coming back to your site.

Press Release Notes

Now, no one can teach you to write, but they can give you pointers on how to lay out a press release properly and what sort of thing to include in it. So here we go;


Your Logo

Title: This should include your company name and at least one of the keywords you are targeting. Though the press release will be distributed to a number of press release directories, the hope is that from there it will be linked to and shared around any number of further sites. Even the most obscure of industries will have a Twitter feed dedicated to it somewhere. Whilst your press release will get a lot of traffic, the number of distinct, complete copies of it out there on the net may not increase that greatly. What WILL increase is the number of times the title is repeated, so it’s important to get who you are and what you do in there. Quite apart from anything else, this encourages reader engagement. Which I am going to read, “New study highlights importance of well written press release” or “KPI gives you the lowdown on how to write a top notch press release”? That’s why I went for “Press Release Template” as the title of this post. I never said I was above hypocrisy.

Keywords: As with any form of search engine optimisation, you need to know which search terms you are targeting and make them the focus of all your efforts. If you’re not sure which they are, contact an SEO company (hi there): they’ll help you construct a fully fledged SEO campaign, based around deliverable results.

Contact Details: Fairly self explanatory, I’d hope, but a note of caution: any email address you put out on the internet is likely to attract a great deal of spam. To avoid drowning out important correspondence, it might be worth setting up a dedicated email address for the purpose (e.g. pr@yourcompany.co.uk, info@yourcompany.co.uk).

The Body: Your press release proper. This is what you make it. It needs to be something interesting, something unique, something engaging. The acquisition of three new generators for your hole digging company might be very interesting to you and well done on this important step forwards, but is it going to interest the people you want it to interest? Are they going to share it around? Are they going to click through to your website? You know your industry better than anyone. If you’re looking to work with a digital marketing agency (hello again), you can expect regular discussions on what subjects to tackle and how to keep the work relevant. It’s all part of the care package, friend.

A quote usually helps liven things up. Michael Mills, Digital Marketing Executive at KPI, said:

“A quote from a key person in the organisation not only gives life to the press release, but also demonstrates your organisation’s expertise”

Thank you, Michael.

“You’re welcome”

As with any great piece of writing, the end should summarise the whole. Round up by re-establishing who you are, what you do and where to get hold of you. If you’re publicising something which is forthcoming (a fund-raising event, a product launch), remember to repeat the key dates.


I hope you found this press release template useful. From here, it’s up to you to write it, make it interesting and distribute it (unless you want to hire your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing agency to do the job for you. Hmmmm?). If you need help with this or any other part of your search engine optimisation campaign, get in touch with KPI. We have a team of trained professionals, ready to help you get the rankings you want and need.

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