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As discussed in our previous blog, Eric Schmidt has just this week announced that he will stepping down as CEO of Google. However, kindly enough before he did he made some telling comments on the role that Mobile Marketing will play in Google’s strategic initiatives in 2011.

In Preparing for the big mobile revolution Schmidt explains that in the world of the smartphone revolution, this is the time to acknowledge the huge developments being made in terms of the geolocation capability of the phones and the power it may have to really deliver more personalized information about where you are and what is available for you to do in that area.

Smartphones are currently looking like the number one replacement for PC’s. According to forecasts from In-Stat Smartphone shipments worldwide will near the 1 Billion mark by 2015, showing that their appeal as both a fashion and ‘techy’ item will continue on. As John Brandon commented back in 2010, the Apple iPhone has been the largest and most widely used platform since 2005, made specifically for loading innovative apps and designed with the whimsical finger flicking consumer in mind. Other factors such as Accelerometers, touchscreens, GPS-based location awareness have also all appeared in full force in the last few years and changed the market entirely.

With the advancements in speed/connection and heightened location awareness, the smartphone may be your only outlet to the computing world around you in the years to come. At the start of this week the Google Cloud team announced that it’s Gmail for mobile and Google Cloud Print was ready to use in the USA. This service allows you to print from any app on any device, OS or browser without the need to install drivers. 

Mobile Marketing is changing, no longer  just about messaging, email, websites but about the power of the mobile Ad and mobile search. Similar to social media trends (LINK), businesses will be looking at investing more into their advertising budget for mobile marketing.

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