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Retra conference SEO presentation

When asked to deliver a presentation again at this year’s Retra conference, we were delighted to attend and offer our expertise. Our SEO expert Graham Loosley travels far and wide these days, and despite it being his birthday, he made the trip to London’s Lancaster Hotel to help electrical companies across the UK succeed in online marketing.

As the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers, Retra represent over 1,100 members, from domestic retailers to service engineers. Their annual conference is an opportunity for industry professionals to meet and listen to a series of high profile speakers.

Headlined as “The Opportunity Within”, this year’s sell-out conference was all about making the best use of what is available, as independent retailers struggle to compete against supermarkets and the likes of Amazon and eBay.

SEO is, of course, a big part of these opportunities. Internet marketing may have become harder, but with the right help you can ensure your website is found through Google and increase your ROI.



Graham Loosley SEO Presentation at Retra

During his presentation, Graham highlighted the major areas of SEO, including social media, local search, and mobile. The detailed and informative speech also uncovered the increase of ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline), where businesses should make the connection between online research and offline sales. The growth of ROPO proves that online marketing is most certainly not just for ecommerce websites.

This also suggests the idea of shop ‘showrooming’ has now moved online, as consumers can easily research and find the best product for the best price before leaving the house. Looking at August 2012 alone, 30% of UK offline sales were influenced by the internet. Despite the ease of buying online, many consumers still prefer to buy in store where they can see the product better and try before they buy. Many also prefer to receive the item immediately after purchase, whilst others have questions they wish to ask before buying.


Tablets are Here to Stay

Most people in the UK now have a Smartphone as well as a tablet, so ensuring your site is mobile friendly is now more important than ever. PCs are still dominating the 9am-5pm working hours, whereas during the evening consumers are browsing via tablets.


Social Media Marketing

As social media platforms dominate the time people spend online, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are using the likes of Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest and LinkedIn to drive traffic to their website and increase brand awareness.

The majority of people are accessing social platforms through mobile devices, similarly to local search marketing where Smartphones can be used to assess what’s nearby. This reveals a crossover in the three main areas of SEO (Social, Local and Mobile).

When asked about the presentation, Retra Chairman, Andrew O’Gorman said: “Once again Graham Loosley’s SEO presentation was one of the most captivating speeches at this year’s Retra conference, appealing to both manufacturers and retailers. Feedback I have received so far from the 330 conference delegates has praised the content and style of his presentation”.


SEO is available to businesses in all industries. If you require more information and want to discover how online marketing can help your organisation, get in touch today for a free, no obligation consultation.



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