AdWords: The Quadruple Case Study

Setting up a Google AdWords account is relatively straight forward, right? Think of a few words people use to search for your product or service, write a few short ads, put some money in the account and wait for the influx of t-shirt buying, insurance hunting, gold card waving customers to come bounding through your site. Wrong.

Google AdWords Logo - KPI Quadruple Case Study

There are countless businesses running AdWords accounts that are not only ineffective but in some cases are also costing them a small fortune. As an AdWords customer you pay Google for every click you get. At KPI we frequently come across poorly managed AdWords accounts where businesses can be spending half their online marketing budget for no benefit whatsoever.  In some cases these AdWords customers would get more value spending £3000 a month on promotional baseball caps.

In order to deliver results with AdWords a campaign must be effectively developed, managed and monitored. Unlike the long-term techniques used to achieve search engine rankings through SEO, a well managed AdWords campaign can deliver results quickly.

KPI quadruple AdWords campaign performance in a month 

KPI began managing a new Google AdWords client account at the start of November 2011. The account had been running since 2005.

The table below illustrates the financial savings and increased enquiries KPI’s campaign management delivered for the new client in just one month.

KPI AdWords Client Metrics Table - Quadruple Case Study
  KPI Client Metrics October – November 2011*

Understandably, the client took a look at their account and expressed concern that the number of clicks their ads were receiving had dropped significantly since it has been managed by KPI.

KPI were pleased to report that despite the number of clicks on the ads falling by over a half, the performance of the account had improved dramatically. In October the client were paying Google £18.16 for each sales inquiry generated by their AdWords campaign. By November this dropped to £3.80. Within a month the cost of a sales enquiry for a KPI client was now four times less. And that’s what managing AdWords is all about.

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What does the ‘Client Metrics’ table mean? AdWords lingo explained:Clicks
The number of people clicking the clients ads on Google.

Click-through-rate (CTR)
The percentage of people who click on the ad after it being made visible to them following a Google search.

The total amount the client spent on people clicking their ads.

The number of people visiting the client’s online sales enquiry form after clicking on the ads.

The amount the client is spending on their AdWords in relation to how many people are visiting their online sales enquiry form after clicking the ads.

Conversion rate
The percentage of people clicking on the ads who then go on to visit the online sales enquiry form.

*The figures in this article are from real accounts managed or reviewed by KPI. However, we treat all client data as strictly confidential and would not reveal the identities of any case study client without their prior permission.

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