It takes time to optimise your Search performance

SEO takes time and commitment to achieve top listings on the major search engines. Many webmasters still believe that they will be on Page one immediately after submitting their website to Google. It may have worked in the past, but it does not work anymore. The search engines spend time updating their index by discovering the website and its links.

Website content must be updated on a regular basis. Regular updates show that the website is important. If the content is interesting to the targeted audience, then users will build links to the website. This is the only real way to help search engine performance with links. The fundamental rule is: the easier it is to get the link, the less it influences the website’s ranking.

Website content must contain relevant and specific keywords. These particular keywords can be discovered by running short term PPC ad campaigns. These campaigns track conversions and find out which keywords are searched for the most. The most effective keywords help the website appear higher in the listings which attracts more customers. It is better for the website to use less competitive keywords before incorporating more competitive keywords. During this process, Google will deem the website trustworthy. This is essential; without the search engines’ trust the website will not do well in the rankings.

Glossary of Terms

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword: A word or phrase associated with your company that web users type into the search engines.

PPC: Pay Per Click

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