“It don’t matter if you’re black or white” – well, it certainly does when it comes to hats, Google!

We’ve all heard the saying “Oh, How the Mighty Fall” – well Google are certainly feeling the brunt of that particular phrase at the moment.

Google are well known for being strongly against websites that buy links and have thin content; they could almost be considered the “internet police” at catching and punishing the culprits who practice these methods. However, they have recently carried out a black hat tactic to further promote Google Chrome by entering into a relationship with a campaign that practises exactly what Google hates. This was unknown to them at the time, however upon discovering this, Google have been forced to follow their own rules and penalise themselves!

Google SERPThey have said that they intend to take stricter action against themselves than they would against a regular site and have put a penalty in place for 60 days. As a result of this, when “browser” is entered into the search bar, Google Chrome is now ranking at position 105 (the eleventh page!) on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs); a dramatic fall from its previous position at number 2.

Here at KPI, we have discussed the topic of black hat tactics before; in terms of link-building, black hat tactics are a no-go area. Yes, they can have immediate effects resulting in your website attaining higher page rankings, which of course is a positive. But don’t be deceived! Ultimately, this will be discovered by Google and you too will be penalised – not good. This might mean that, like Google Chrome, your website could plummet in the Page Rankings and you are more likely to be missed by customers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Or, even worse, your site could be banned!

Google Chrome LogoThe fact that Google have enforced their own rules upon themselves just goes to show how serious their feelings are about this underground way of achieving high rankings.

We therefore strongly recommend sticking with white hat tactics; the exact opposite of the black hats. Build up your website through your own hard work, ensure that it has good quality content and attain some legitimate links.

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Alison is a Digital Marketing Executive at KPI and manages a number of client SEO campaigns. On a daily basis, she can also be found dabbling in the world of social media, from training clients in a coaching role to running full campaigns. Find her on Google+.
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