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For those who want to learn about SEO and development in the internet marketing world, there is perhaps no better way than through an engaging and inspirational conference led by a knowledgeable speaker.

KPI’s very own Principal Consultant Graham Loosley is well-versed in speaking at Internet Marketing and SEO conferences, having presented seminars and talks on more than 200 occasions on a variety of topics. Graham recently gave a well-received talk on mobile SEO at the sell-out Retra National Conference in Newcastle, to which he was greeted with responses to his @gploosley Twitter referring to him as the “oracle of SEO” and stating “he really knows his onions when it comes to internet marketing”.

It’s not difficult to see why Graham’s speeches are greeted with such a fervent response. Graham has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Internet Marketing, having built his experience as an online marketing strategist, tactician, consultant, trainer and speaker long before Google first began to crawl in 1997, and was working on major e-commerce projects even before the first dot-com bubble arrived.

Graham originally qualified as an Accountant at Ernst & Young, before later moving into the field of business systems, working in IT management and strategy, managing large offshore IT development teams and complex web development projects.

Later Graham co-founded KPI Business Solutions, a growing SEO agency which consistently achieves top rankings for clients’ websites. Services offered by KPI cover all areas of Internet Marketing, with technicians working on all manner of SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns, as well as website design and online strategising.

Graham is Principal Consultant at KPI, leading the business, and its clients, to Internet Marketing success. His easy communication style is popular amongst everyone from those completely unfamiliar with the concept of SEO to fellow SEOs looking to learn about up-and-coming developments in the search engine world. He explains often complex concepts in plain English, sharing his detailed insight into SEO with others in one-on-one consultations, and talks to groups of less than 10 to over 100 people. Graham regularly offers expert consultation services to clients, via phone, email and in-person, as well as finding time to speak at the UK’s leading SEO conventions and conferences.

If you think you or your business can benefit from Graham’s unrivalled knowledge and understanding of SEO and developments in the world of Internet Marketing, contact KPI for more information. 

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Kadie is a member of the web marketing team at KPI. She is a Journalism graduate of John Moores University. Email: Google+
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