How do you avoid negative comments about your company appearing on Google’s Page One?

No matter what you do, it is inevitable that some customers will not be satisfied with your company’s services. This may lead to them writing negative comments about your company on their blogs or on other websites. In addition, your competitors may write fake comments about your website as a way of damaging your company’s reputation.

The only way to circumvent this issue is to find out what caused the customer’s initial upset. If it is genuine negative feedback from a past customer, then ask them what the problem was and how it could be resolved. You could also send the webmaster a polite email requesting that the negative comment be removed.

Promote good reviews

If the webmasters do not cooperate, then you must promote web pages listing positive comments about your company:

  • Build links to these websites from your own. The more links there are to pages with positive reviews, the more chance these pages have of appearing higher in the search engines.
  • Use social bookmarking websites. If you bookmark websites with positive reviews on Digg or Delicious for example, the more chance these websites have of being listed higher on Google.
  • Request testimonials; then create a page on your website where you submit the good testimonials. You could also request that they submit their testimonials to common review sites like or
  • Write articles about your company to boost your search performance on websites like or you could even attempt an entry into Wikipedia. As these two websites are both highly regarded, you will have a better chance of these pages being discovered by search engine users. If you do this, along with other SEO methods ( your company’s website will be listed first on Google rather than the websites with the bad reviews.
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