How do I make sure that the search engines list my most important web pages?

If you want to achieve good results from the search engines, then your most important web pages must achieve higher rankings in the search results. How can this be done? The main factor the search engines depend on is the structure of your website’s links.  By following a few simple rules, your most important web pages will receive the most visits.

Link to the important pages

  • The most important pages of your website should be easily accessible to the web user, with as few clicks as possible from your home page. The fewer clicks needed, the more important that web page is.
  • Use clear and specific links on your website. You should give specific links to the most important pages of your website, not just the generic website address.
  • If you want a certain page of your website to be found from a certain keyword, then links from other pages of your website should contain that particular keyword. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the linked web page will be listed for that keyword but it increases the relevancy of the page for the keyword.

Exclude the unimportant pages

  • Get rid of broken links on your website. Check for 404 not found errors and redirect these old links to the most appropriate pages.
  • Use the nofollow attribute. The search engine robots will not follow links with a nofollow attribute as they are classed as unimportant.
  • Use the robots.txt file or the robots meta tag to exclude duplicate or irrelevant pages from indexing.

If search engines don’t have to go through the unimportant pages of your website, then the other pages with more importance will get more attention. The fewer links on a page, the more important a single link to another page will be.

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