KPI and Charity SEO: Helping Them Help the Heroes

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Over the past month, we here at KPI have been very honoured to work with one of Britain’s leading charities; Help for Heroes. Established in 2007, Help for Heroes (H4H) raise funds to help injured servicemen and servicewomen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

For too long we pinned medals to the able-bodied and raised memorials to the dead whilst ignoring those who had sustained terrible injuries in the course of duty. They were the forgotten. The injuries and sacrifice can take many different forms. It is the loss of both legs and the long period learning to walk again. It is the man whose wounds are invisible; who saw too much and can forget too little. It is the young boy whose mummy won’t be coming home and needs someone to tell him why.

Over the past four years, H4H have raised almost £120 million to help injured servicemen and women. They have approved grants to schemes covering all aspects of care and recovery; from the immediate aftercare of wounded soldiers who have returned home, through to ensuring that those with disabilities are not excluded from the social activities that unite current and former soldiers.

Help for Heroes Shop

In order to make sure every pound donated goes to those who need it, H4H covers its running costs through its online merchandise store. That’s where KPI comes in. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running a charity SEO campaign designed to drive customers to the H4H store in the run up to Christmas. As well as press releases and article submissions, our team of link builders have been ringing around companies and organisations asking them to write a blog post, put a link on their homepage or post a link to Facebook or Twitter. We’ve been in touch with existing clients, large companies, and major sports clubs. We’ve been astounded by the level of support people have shown for the country’s injured service personnel. Almost everyone we have spoken to has been enthusiastic about the cause. Whether it was a quick mention on Twitter or a link printed up in the next match’s programme, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who gave their support to H4H and the men and women it helps. Forgotten no longer, it seems.

If you’d like to help H4H, then all you have to do is write a few lines about the charity on your website and throw in a link to any page from its website ( and online store ( Alternatively, you can post a link on Facebook or Twitter ( for the shop and for the website) and ask your followers to re-Tweet. If you’d like to discuss how you can help the UK’s injured soldiers or want to know how we can help your charity get the most from its online presence, then drop us a line.

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