Google’s Privacy Reforms: Bad News for You, Good News for Your AdWords

Google’s New Privacy Policy Favours Advertisers Over Users


A couple of weeks ago we talked about Google‘s upcoming privacy policy change. Last Thursday saw the new policy’s launch, which will allow the company to collect private data from a range of its platforms, including Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and Blogger. The policy change will mean that searches across the sites will affect the advertising and results users encounter in Google Search.

Google have implemented the changes in an attempt to balance consumer and advertiser interests, and insist the policy is simple, clear and transparent, respecting all European data protection laws and principles. They have also said users will receive notifications and can opt out of the new system by not signing into Google sites.

However, Google have been criticised by the media who suggest that their changes will betray the majority of users who are not used to having their information shared across a number of websites. The search engine giant was also advised by French privacy watchdog CNIL to pause the policy, due to concerns from EU data authorities regarding the combination of personal information shared across their services.

Google insist their commitment to privacy is as strong as ever and say they have designed the new policy to give users a better experience and make it possible for them to build a range of new products and services for consumers.

Ultimately, the new privacy policy is good news for businesses who advertise with Google AdWords, as targeting ads to the right audience is crucial in getting a high click through rate. However, the continuous negative media coverage may encourage users to use other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, who are also implementing new services to improve their search results.

The majority of Google’s revenue is generated from advertising and AdWords can provide an ideal platform for small and medium size businesses. As ever with the internet, no one can predict the future and while Google may be sparking negative criticism, it is still by far the world’s most popular search engine.

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