How will Google’s newest update impact B2B marketing?

So Google’s “freshness” update took place on November 3rd. The most recent change to the search algorithm has aimed to make Google’s SERPs pages, well, fresher. Google said it would impact 35% of searches, Google newness updateprioritising new pages more highly than before. Put in practical terms, now if you Google ‘Olympics’, it will assume you want results relating to the 2012 Olympics not the 1900s, without you typing in the 2012.  This is useful too when shopping or looking for reviews within a fast paced industry: technology, cars or fashion for example. News, celebrity news and gossip are the most obvious sites to benefit from the change, with estimated to have nearly a 53% increase in visibility in a prediction by Searchmetrics. Obviously different searches have different recency needs; a homework enquiry about WWII is not looking for recent news story results about the opening of an exhibition, more an established revision site. Google, however, states that its freshness update accurately understands the differing levels of newness required for different areas.

But the freshness update is old news, what we care about now is how do B2B marketers need to alter their search strategy? Many brands were predicted huge losses by Searchmetrics as a result of the change, whereas others were predicted an increase.

So how do business marketers avoid losing out now newness is more important?

Think of your most frequently completed pieces of work and focus on them. Blogs, press releases, RSS feeds, reviews and social networking now matter more than ever. Press releases need to be optimised within an inch of their lives to make it in SERPs, but they are one of your best bets at being recent. Blogs are the easiest way to keep content new, and update the neglected news area on your website to feed Google the content freshness which it craves. Businesses nowadays have more ways than ever to deliver news and messages directly to their customers so there is no reason to think that the freshness  update will hold you back. Just make sure that you don’t turn your back on SEO and quality content just yet: all of the regular updates must still be optimised and interesting to stand a chance in the organic search results.Google logo

Don’t have the time or knowledge to make your website freshness-proof? Contact KPI for help with keeping it new.

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Kadie is a member of the web marketing team at KPI. She is a Journalism graduate of John Moores University. Email: Google+
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