Google Releases New PageRank Update

Yesterday, Google released a new PageRank toolbar update. The release was a hot topic on Twitter for all bloggers and webmasters who have been desperately awaiting the new update since Google’s last PageRank release back in February.

A PageRank is what Google uses to calculate the popularity of a webpage. Calculations are conducted through mathematical algorithms which depend upon numerous factors such as backlinks, outbound links and audience attention.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t give information on all the statistics behind its PageRank algorithms. However, many SEO experts have confirmed the data is based entirely on the quality of your website.

PageRanks can be extremely useful for webmasters, as they reveal the quality of a website. A high Google PageRank is likely to boost the ranking of your site.

How to check your PageRank

There are many free tools on the web which you can use to discover your PageRank. Software such as PR Checker, has an easy to use interface with one click installation. Once installed, you will then have your software ready for the next update. On average, Google release approximately 4 updates per year.

What Your PageRank Score Means

Google PageRank is a reputation score given to each website on a scale of 0-10. If your PageRank toolbar score has dropped, this is often because your website is receiving fewer links from other sites. Scores can also drop when webmasters use spammy techniques such as selling links on their website.

To get a high PageRank score, you should be produce a steady flow of high quality content and update your site regularly. However, try to avoid putting dozens of blog posts or articles on your website in one day and nothing the following month, as this is considered as unnatural and Google will struggle to predict how often it needs to crawl your site for new content. Backlinks should also come in at a steady rate and you should focus on building high quality links, making your website look as natural as possible.

Avoid PageRank Metric Obsession

Although the PageRank toolbar is a useful indicator as to how your site is performing, it’s important not to become obsessed with your score. PageRank data is not updated frequently and there are other factors which need to be considered when judging your website’s success. Why not take a look at Google Analytics, where you can consider conversion rates, ROI and other metrics that provide useful information for your business and website?

Ask the Experts

If you have any queries regarding your PageRank score, contact KPI Business Services. Our team of SEO experts understand what search engines are looking for and only use ethical internet marketing techniques that are approved by the search engines themselves.

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