Google Releases New AdWords Auction Report Feature

Earlier this week Google released a new reporting feature called ‘Auction Insights’. This new tool allows advertisers to view a report that shows how much impression share they are getting for specific keywords, and who their main competitors are.

Google have released this new feature to help advertisers understand how their ads stand compared to others in the same auction. By using this tool, it will no longer become a necessity for marketers to regularly refresh all keywords.

Google stress that although the reports list the landing page domains for all competitors within a particular auction, the data provided is no more than what an advertiser would find by conducting a Google search. The reports simply make the information easier to access and understand.


To view your report, simply click on the keyword tab and tick the box next to a keyword which has a small, grey bar chart next to it. This means there is enough data available to form an Auction Insights report. Click on the Keyword Details drop down menu and select the Auction Insights option. If would like more data on your keyword you can expand the date range and discover the impressions and clicks a search term has received over a certain time period.

Below is an example of an Auction Insights report. Your keyword will appear within the bold brackets and your competitors will be shown below the ‘you’ column.  The report will also show your keyword’s cost per click and match type.








Your report will cover five different statistics:

  1. Average position: The average rank of your ads against competitors – just like the average position stats you are used to seeing across your campaigns.
  2. Overlap rate: This is a percentage statistic which shows the amount of time you are in the same auction as a competitor.
  3. Impression share: This allows you to discover how often your ad has appeared for the particular search term.
  4. Top of page rate: This represents the amount of time your ad or a competitor’s ad has appeared at the top of the page above the natural search results.
  5. Position above rate: A percentage statistic outlining the amount of time your competitor’s ad is ranked higher than you in the search results.

The reports can provide a great insight into your keyword performance. However, it doesn’t include account settings such as geo-targeting, keyword match types and quality scores. This means you will only discover whether or not your ad has been triggered by the particular term; it could have been any match type.

The feature is particularly useful for advertisers who are concerned with their ads showing at the top of the page. It allows marketers to see where they stand, and lets them know if they need to increase their bids or not.

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