Google Announce Changes to AdWords ‘Rotate Evenly’ Settings


This week, Google announced that major changes will occur to the AdWords rotation tool.

The current rotation setting allows users to test new advertising techniques by selecting either ‘optimise for clicks’, ‘optimise for conversions’ or ‘rotate evenly’.  Next week, Google plan to put the rotate evenly setting under a 30 day time limit after ad creation. Once your advert has been running for 30 full days, Google will auto-optimise it to the most successful ad rotation setting.

Although many advertisers heavily use the rotate evenly tool to test new techniques and tweak landing pages, Google have said that running the setting indefinitely can potentially harm advertisers by driving less relevant ads to users. They have also stated the change is being put in place to improve ad performance and provide users with a more relevant ad experience.

In terms of AdWords experimentation, 30 days is a very short time period, particularly for small businesses with low volumes and niche target audiences. However, many PPC experts have predicted Google will eventually introduce another form of ad testing software.

Here are a few solutions to help you prepare for the rotation changes;

  • Set up an ad testing schedule within the 30 day time period. Although you will have to be much more rigorous with your ad testing, if your campaigns get a decent amount of traffic, this may well be a beneficial technique.


  • Have a go at using AdWords Campaign Experiments, often referred to as “ACE”. This software is located at the bottom of the settings section and enables you to test a range of different features for up to three months at a time. ACE is not as straight forward to use as the rotate evenly tool, but it is much more advanced and enables users to split test two versions of a campaign or ad group at the same time.


For more information on these changes or any queries regarding PPC advertising, contact KPI Business Services. We are a recognised Google AdWords certified partner and have the skills and expertise to successfully manage your online advertising campaigns.

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