Getting Inbound Links from your Dream Target

Inbound links, or backlinks, are extremely important in making your website look all big and important to Google. It’s the same principle of carrying a briefcase to a job interview – it’s a way to impress.

Google’s very own opinion of every indexed website and page, PageRank, is determined by the number and quality of backlinks. In its own words: Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.

So, as we noted in an earlier blog, it’s quality, not quantity. Don’t even think about engaging in link farms or off-topic link exchanges; Google will see right through it.

What you want: a high-value link target who’ve got great rankings and whose one link could send you some relevant visitors.

What you’ve got: a feeling of despair and rejection as the high-value links you crave are, time and time again, tragically denied.

What you have to consider is that these websites you hold on an E-pedestal should link to you because they want to link to you – because you actually have some interesting content to offer. Here’s some ideas:

The testimonial – There are so many anonymous testimonials about, leading people to question their authenticity. But if you feature genuine testimonials that do many things, like promote what’s great about your business, answer common questions, dispel myths, whilst also providing full names, job titles, company names and links to their own websites (it’s like one big linking hug) – it can really show potential linkers what you’re all about. That’s the kind of testimonial you want. Take a look at our testimonials to see what our customers say about us!

The social connection – To make yourself known to, and build a relationship with, your link target – E-stalk them. Retweet them, ‘Like’ them on Facebook, comment on their blogs, participate in their community and generally engage in online conversation with them. Creating this kind of relationship can not only eventually lead to linking, but is a great thing to do for your Internet Marketing as a whole.

The press piece – If your company is lucky enough to get some positive press attention, possibly in the form of advertising features, it’s a good idea to mention your target – in context of the piece of course – you don’t want to become a suck-up. Then when you publish the article or broadcast on your website, you know what to do: link link link to that target.  Not only will the flattery make it likely that they will promote the piece with a sought-after link, but the press attention in itself shows them your worth as a solid, trustworthy brand – a potential for linking in the future.

The missing content piece – However fantastic your target may be, rest assured there will be content that they wish they had, but don’t. May that be a report, a survey, a blog post, some info-graphics, a data set, a tool, whatever. The point is, if you can identify what it is they are missing, feature it on your site, then show them your hand – hey presto – they are going to want to feature that on their site with a link. Not only will the target be impressed, but you’ll nab some of their, frankly rather appealing, traffic – which is the whole point, right?

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