The future looks positive for all major Internet advertisers

Reports released by a wide range of search engines have revealed that 2011 was a successful year for all major search advertisers. It is predicted that this success will also continue to grow throughout 2012, as search engines with generally lower traffic, such as Bing and Yahoo, are beginning to increase their search share.

The reports looked closely into the PPC (pay per click) side of internet marketing and revealed that the average cost per click has dropped. This marks an improvement for several sectors, as dropping the average cost per click suggests that businesses are seeing a higher click through rate.


The reports also suggested that search engines including Bing and Yahoo are getting better click through rates. High click through rates result in a lower cost per click, allowing advertisers a better return on investment.

It is therefore advisable for businesses to conduct a trial run advertising campaign on Bing and Yahoo. This will allow companies to discover if their sector can benefit from the increased traffic on these less high profiled search engines. It is still worthwhile advertising with Google as they have by far the highest amount of traffic, but it is always useful to research the different advertising platforms available.


Another useful tip for both small and large businesses is to benchmark the average cost per clicks and click through rates on Google within their industry. This will allow companies to see if their campaign is the best strategy for producing high return on investment.


The reports also showed a significant increase in mobile and tablet advertising. As today we are in world that is completely led by technology, online advertisers are constantly seeking to reach their audience through new devices and platforms.

AdWords advertisers in particular can now target specific devices through running mobile, tablet and desktop campaigns. Through using AdWords, advertisers can even target particular mobiles, such as iPhones or BlackBerrys. They also have the ability to target mobile users in specific areas where there is a good WiFi connection, increasing the possibility of higher click through rates.


When it comes to PPC advertising it can confusing to know where to start. Here at KPI we can build and monitor your PPC campaign, ensuring it is constantly focused and effective in achieving high conversion rates.


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