Facebook’s business pages become more ‘personal’

At last the most popular social networking site has taken the steps necessary to continue the ‘revolution’ in social media.

Facebook has refreshed and updated the business pages on its website so that they are now more personalised, containing features already in place on the site’s personal profiles. The business page layout has become more ‘viewer accessible’, engagement between fan and business is easier and improved, and administrators have almost full control over what their page is displaying.

All business pages will be automatically updated on March 1st 2011 but you can explore the new format in action on KPI’s Facebook Page.

Here are some details about some of the key changes that Facebook has applied:

Change in layout

  • The mini-feed and wall have been merged together into one ‘wall’ tab which is now the central focus of the business’s page. It is automatically the first point of entry for non-fans (revealing the latest updates from your business, and so a potential selling point) but can also be customised by an administrator if they wish to promote different parts of the business page.
  • The most recent photos are displayed across the top of the page – this immediately adds a bit of colour and makes the page seem less boring (as business pages on Facebook tend to be), and shows both current and potential customers what your business has been doing.
  • Less custom-app space means custom applications displayed on the far left-hand should be 100% relevant to the business (links/notes/RSS feeds).
  • Editing your business page is simple: an ‘edit’ button on the right hand side of the page gives instant access to customisation.

Improved social interaction

  • Facebook will ‘notify’ you when fans interact with your page.
  • Your business can ‘like’ and post on other pages.
  • Share updates with fans which are visible on your wall.
  • Everything you post will be displayed in fans’ news feeds which is a fantastic way in which to promote your business. However do not get into the habit of commercial spamming. Fans have full control over their news feed and have the ability to ‘hide’ your business if it outnumbers other updates on their feed. Keep updates short and specific and only update when necessary.

Moderation Controls

  • Specific keywords can be blocked (such as profanities) and so comments posted containing these keywords are automatically marked as spam. Facebook will not display these comments.

So I think all-in-all that Facebook has done a fairly good job. On its never-ending journey of improving user satisfaction it has recognised (finally) the huge trend in social media and has improved the business pages as a result. Well done Facebook, but try and be a little quicker next time.


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