Corporate Friends: Facebook Pages More Popular than Company Sites

Corporate Friends: Facebook Pages More Popular than Company Sites

If you contact an SEO company for help in improving your online visibility, it’s quite probable that one of the first bits of advice they will give you is to set up a Facebook account. The time was that this was a means to an end; a way of redirecting the heavy traffic on Facebook towards your nicely optimised site. However, a recent study from Webtrends and Adgregates suggests that Facebook business pages are quickly becoming more popular than the original corporate websites.

The Success of Social Commerce65% of websites not engaging in e-commerce have received higher traffic to their Facebook page than to their corporate website. Indeed, Facebook itself is becoming a more active site for commerce. The social networking site has proved incredibly efficient at converting fans into consumers; the companies observed in the study showed a monthly user base of their store that was equal to 1-10% of the page’s fan base. Although e-commerce sites are still experiencing greater traffic to their corporate websites than to their Facebook pages, the study concludes that Facebook is likely to close this gap as its developers and users grow more confident in its exploitation as an e-commerce tool.

It isn’t difficult to speculate why Facebook pages are so popular. There is something inherently more comfortable about them. The standardisation of page design across the network means the business page for Cardiff Jerseys Ltd benefits from the goodwill and familiarity Facebook users have invested in that layout from hours of talking to friends, looking at photos and spying on their exes (by the bye, this was probably one of Myspace’s weaknesses; the high levels of customisation offered were meant to be a positive, but in practical terms led to most pages being a unique and original mess). Corporate websites, on the other hand, are just that; corporate. The (hopefully) carefully designed layout of a corporate website can seem a too obvious facade; consumers Yearly Change in Unique Visitsare aware that they are being sold something. Not that the same isn’t true of a good Facebook page, but the very nature of a social network engenders a sense of humanity and honesty. Starbucks isn’t just my favourite coffee shop; it’s my friend.

It’s what we keep banging on about here on the blog. Search Engine Optimisation means building a rapport with your consumers. It’s still important to put the sign outside your shop, but you need to be there at the doorway welcoming people in as well. It’s something we’re giving increasing thought to here at KPI. We are always diversifying our optimisation methods and finding new ways to engage with customer bases; they’re your targets, but also the ones who will pull you up the rankings. Drop us a line and we’ll show you what we can do.

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