Conventional PPC Techniques Don’t Work For All AdWords Accounts

Recent studies have shown that traditional PPC wisdom is not true for all AdWords accounts and while conventional rules work for some companies, there are certain techniques that should possibly be ignored.

Never force account creation

It is a common misconception that you must never force customers to create an account before purchasing your product or service. Traditional PPC research showed that forced account creation lowers conversion rates. While it is true that you should put as few barriers as possible between viewing a product and the payment process, recent studies have revealed that many companies have gained an increase in their overall revenue when forced account creation was implemented.  Users who had their contact and payment details saved in an account were more likely to return to the site and purchase further products, as the payment process was then much quicker.

Never send traffic to your home page

Many PPC users are under the impression that they need to send their traffic to the particular page which answers the searcher’s question. This can be a useful tip for many accounts, however for certain sites this concept has failed. Research has shown that that traffic directed to a homepage can increase conversion rates and revenue, as it lures the searcher into the form filling process that exists on many insurance and quote comparison websites.

Never put your call to action at the bottom of the page

It was often advised that all websites should have a call to action at the top of their landing pages. However, when researchers began to test sites with a call to action below the fold on a page, they discovered that conversion rates began to rapidly increase. Advertisers should test their call to action at the top and bottom of a page to discover which technique works best for the campaign.

Never use broad match terms

In terms of keywords it’s a well known fact that exact match terms convert better than those that are broad match. Although this statement is true, when it comes to implementing your chosen terms it isn’t always that simple. Key phrases with low search volumes should also have a phrase or broad match version in the account in order to catch these terms.

When managing accounts many people find that misspelled keywords often have higher search volumes in comparison to correctly spelt phrases. Including broad match terms is an effective way of catching all spellings of a particular word. Research has shown that in these situations, broad match variations have a higher conversion rate than exact match terms.

Every AdWords campaign is different. A concept that works brilliantly for one company might not be as successful for another. Therefore it’s advisable to test a range of methods on your account to discover what brings you high conversion and revenue. This will then enable you to rely on your own set of techniques.

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