Will a blog boost my website’s search performance?

Blogging is yet another way in which you can build links to your website. So theoretically, yes, a blog will boost your search performance. The more links you have to your website the better your website’s search performance will be. And, the better your search performance, the higher your website will rank in Google’s search results for your desired keyword or keyword phrase.

Set up a Blog

There are two different ways in which you can set up a blog. It is recommended that you do both:

1.  Host a blog on your own private server.

-    Regularly updating the content on your website’s blog will ensure that the search engine spiders continue to visit your site.

2. Use other websites that allow you to create free blogs on their servers.

-     Examples of these include blog.co.uk and wordpress.com. These particular websites are frequently used by millions of internet users from all over the world. Therefore, Google recognises that they are both important and popular which results in them achieving a Page rank of at least 5/10.

-          On these blog websites you can add your own posts with links back to your site.

-          You can gain a large amount of targeted traffic through the blog’s own internal search.

-          Bookmark your blog posts: this will boost their Google Page rank.

Fundamentally you must have a wide variety of links to your website. In regards to blogs specifically, create many of them, and on different blog hosting websites.

Depending on competition, using blogs alone can get you the traffic that you are looking for. However to do even better in SEO we recommend that your website have many different link sources. To find out more about other ways of link building take a look at some more of KPI’s blog articles.

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