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KPI is hiring for January 2013

2012 has been another year of strong growth for KPI; we’re proud of our team and we’re privileged to work with such great clients. We’re seeing increasing demand for our services and we have new campaigns scheduled to start every month … Continue reading

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How do we spend $100 Million per day on Google Adwords?

$100 Million spent every day on Google Adwords Imagine being Google: every day they sell over $100 million of search advertising, this is split between 5.6 billion daily ad impressions on Search and 24.2 billion on the Display Network, when … Continue reading

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Email is going mobile – marketers need to catch up [Infographic]

Email marketing for mobiles Smartphones are everywhere and soon the desktop won’t be the  primary email device. ReturnPath collected around a billion pieces of data in their research so their numbers are sound and the conclusion is Email marketers need … Continue reading

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SEO is dead, again (Infographic)

SEO is dead, again.. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard that “SEO is dead” over the last decade, in fact it’s become a bit of an in-joke in the  SEO world. In my view Businesses will always … Continue reading

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Infographic: the power of a first impression

A well-designed homepage is critical to winning a conversion,  research shows that it takes only two-tenths of a second for visitors to your site to form a first impression Thank you to Webs for this infographic that reveals what users look … Continue reading

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Correlation between Social Sharing and Backlinks: LinkedIn beats Twitter and Facebook

Correlation between Social Sharing and Backlinks: LinkedIn beats Twitter and Facebook Continue reading

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“Olsen, draft a press release. The world needs to know…”

A digital press release isn’t just there to attract the eye of a harried newsdesk intern; it can boost your online reputation and drag people into your website. It’s what those sadly afflicted by buzzword retention call “link bait”. To … Continue reading

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Twitter Marketing and the Importance of Getting It Right

Five years ago, Twitter was ‘just another’ website, tiny compared to Facebook and seemingly glowing against MySpace’s dwindling users. Fast forward to March this year, it celebrated its 6th birthday and boasted over 140 million active users; that’s bigger than … Continue reading

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It’s an Apple-shaped World: We Just Advertise In It

Optimise Your Ecommerce Website for Mobile Browsing The iPad HD launches later today and it’s set to be the biggest technology launch since… well, since the iPad 2. We also expect the latest iteration of the iPhone (the iPhone 5) … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad and the Googleplex

Is Google Good or Evil? 2002. Google was still very much the golden boy of the internet. Their clean and relevant results were even then making the competition look dated. Best of all, they were one of the good guys; … Continue reading

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