It’s an Apple-shaped World: We Just Advertise In It

Optimise Your Ecommerce Website for Mobile Browsing

The iPad HD launches later today and it’s set to be the biggest technology launch since… well, since the iPad 2. We also expect the latest iteration of the iPhone (the iPhone 5) sometime in September. While this is all terribly exciting for the tech heads among us, there’s also a serious SEO point to be made.

Mobile internet browsing is on the rise. A recent report from Latitude found that 11.9% of all website visits now come from tablets and smartphones. Google is already ranking mobile optimised sites above non-optimised sites on its AdWords results and its organic results can’t be far behind. More importantly, 13.4% of all paid search clicks now come from mobile and tablets (that’s 2.5 times as many clicks as Yahoo! and Bing paid searches deliver combined), and unsurprisingly it is mobile-optimised sites which boast the best conversion rates. It’s not a part of web marketing you can afford to ignore any longer.

45% of people in the UK now have access to a smartphone and the trend is towards multi-screen web behaviour. The digital age allows for instant gratification. If I see a new novel being discussed on The Culture Show, I want to be able to look straight down at my lap and order the book on my tablet straight away. Am I going to bother dragging my screen around a site that is only designed to be viewed on a desktop? Of course I’m not. I’m going to click on that handy little Amazon link and go to their wonderfully useable mobile site.

Apple is the dominant power in the mobile technology sphere. Uptake of mobile devices is strongly linked to the buying cycle of each new Apple product. The moment the iPad HD and iPhone 5 hit the market, there are going to be a million more yuppies out there with a new toy to go surfing around the web on. Not to mention those of us Muggles still thumbing away at our Androids.

By the end of the year, Latitude predicts that 17% of all website visits will come from smartphones and tablets, and that Google will begin punishing sites which are not mobile optimised in both their organic and AdWords results. When it comes to mobile web behaviour, 2012 is when everything changes. Are you ready?

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